How to Use Social Media to Strategize Your Search Engine Optimization

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Social media is instrumental in the world of marketing online. This is no secret in the business world. However, is there any relation to SEO when it comes to social media marketing? Most experts think that there is. SEO and social media work hand in hand. This actually makes a lot of sense. Why? Well, search engines place a lot of emphasis on providing the customer with a positive experience while they are searching for information. Social media normally relies on good content and so does SEO strategies. Using the two together will give you a wider audience reach.

A Strong Presence

It has been discovered that when there is a strong social media presence, it can considerably improve your search rankings. The disadvantage to this is that most marketers will only give you tidbits on how this works, leaving you to figure out how to improve SEO and social media presence strategies.

The Followers

It is important to increase your social media followers because this will also improve your search engine ranking. SEO helps you to do just that. However, the search engines have a system that evaluates the reliability and authenticity of your followers. For this reason, it would not do you any good to purchase proxy followers since there would be no effect on your search engine ranking. Be aware, though, that the number of followers you have will take time to accumulate. This is not an overnight feat. However, the effort that you put into it will be worth your while. So, remain consistent and build relationships instead of seeking only customers. It is best to use social media to improve your brand identity and the followers will come. You will then be able to stand out among your competition. Be sure to share valuable content, tips and advice. Your followers will appreciate it and come back for more – even sharing it with their followers.

Inbound Links Going Viral

With social media, you can improve your inbound links. Create valuable and engaging content that readers find reliable. The link to the content could go viral in no time because others are sharing it. Don’t be afraid to promote those links via social media. Use hashtags when necessary to get higher visibility for your company brand. You could also add links to your content in discussion forums for lively debates. Your reputation and brand depends on it.

Sharing is Caring

When someone shares your content with others via social media, this is very powerful. So, you could reward the person or persons with a company product or something else as an appreciation for sharing the post. You could also create interactive conversation and invite followers to give their opinion.


While keywords are important to search engine optimization (SEO), it is also important to comments and posts. So don’t hesitate in using keyword-specific posts and comments in your status bar. This is another way for your target audience to find you. In addition, make sure the keywords are also listed in your title.


The Ten Commandments of Social Media Marketing

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If you do business online, you must be aware of how to leverage your social media marketing to increase your following and customer base dramatically. If you have no experience, it will take more work to get it done, but it is not impossible. It is important, then to understand the fundamentals of social media marketing. There are some things that are law, never changing and always a constant. You need to know these things in order to be among the pack of successful online business owners. If you do get a grasp of this phenomenon called social media, it will help you to maximize quality and increase your entry points on the Internet. So, it is essential to abide by ten of these commandments or laws so you can build a better online business, serving your customers well, increasing your bottom line as you showcase your brand. Let’s look at the ten commandments of social media marketing.

  1. Offer Quality

Quantity is never a pushover when it comes to quality. Quality always wins. It is ideal to have a thousand followers reading your posts and sharing it than ten thousand disappearing acts or people who don’t respond to your posts or share it.

  1. Find the Influence

It is important to spend as much time online to find the people that influence your market, but more importantly, that those people have targeted audiences likely to show an interest in your brand, which includes your products and services. Don’t hesitate to contact those people to start building a relationship. If they find that you are an authority in your industry and that you provide valuable content, you will gain their respect so that they become followers.

  1. Stay Focused

Don’t let people see you as a jack of all trades. You must specialize in order to be taken seriously. In fact, doing so will help you to build a stronger brand for your business. You will have a better opportunity at success than using a broad strategy in an attempt to please everyone.

  1. Good Listening Skills

You must be a good listener in order to succeed in social media marketing. People want to be heard and if they think that you are interested in what they have to say, you will get their attention. It is helpful if you could join in discussions while your followers are online. Learn about what they find important. This will help you to better understand them and be able to write content to answer some of their concerns.

  1. Compounding Effect

If you continue to write quality content and publish it online for followers to appreciate, they, in turn, won’t hesitate in sharing your content with their followers as well. With sharing and discussion comes a new entry point to attract the search engines.

  1. Be Patient

It takes time for social media marketing to work. Therefore, you must be patient. Nothing takes place overnight and social media marketing certainly does not. Therefore, you have to make a commitment to stay the long haul.

  1. Give Value

Give value to all your social media conversations. Don’t just directly promote your brand to followers. This is a huge turn off. The ongoing relationships are more important.

  1. Ease of Access

Don’t just write a post and disappear. If you decide to disappear, you will be replaced. You should always be available for questions and to handle concerns. You should be a participant in the conversations.

  1. Give Recognition

Give all of your followers the recognition that they deserve. Do not ignore them or they will ignore you. It is just that simple.

  1.  Reciprocate It

If you want followers to share your content and hold a discussion about it, you should do the same thing. Your time on social media should be spent sharing and discussing – not just your content, but interesting content written by others and shared with your followers.

Tools to Encourage Productivity on Social Media Network

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Are you overwhelmed by your social media activities? Do you want to know about several tools and resources to save time? It is important to use the appropriate tools in order to remain focused and to get more done in less time while working more efficiently. Let’s look at some ways that some of these tools can help you to improve productivity as a busy social media marketer.


You can use the capabilities that Evernote offers in creating content ideas in journal form. You can use images; audio and text or you can dictate the content into the journal or type it. You would then save this for content inspiration later. Evernote is the ideal tool to sync on any device. This allows you to access it no matter where you are. When you need help in finding content ideas, reach for Evernote.

Blocking Websites

While you are working, you will have many distractions on the Internet. One of those distractions is pop up websites. Or you can be distracted by certain websites that you may visit from time to time. If you find yourself spending too much time on one website when you should be working, then you need an online tool called “Cold Turkey” to combat the distraction. You would place the URL of the distracting websites into the Cold Turkey app so that after a period of time, you are blocked from visiting these sites. This is especially great for people that love to visit and spend time on social media websites that are of no productive value. It is best to set this app up for approximately two hours at a time so you can do your work without distractions.

Email Responses

If you get the same customer emails from time to time such as questions concerning the company’s return policy, you can use a tool known as “Canned Responses” to save you time and effort. It is a great add-on tool to those with a Gmail account. Instead of writing a response each time, you would use the same email that you have saved to answer similar questions. You could classify this tool as an autoresponder, but it is more than that really – you can actually edit your responses to make it more personalized to each customer. You can access this tool by going to your inbox at and look for the gear icon which you would click on and then choose “Settings.” Go to the tab that reads “Lab” and there you will enable the Canned Responses tool.

Logging into Your Account

If you have a list of all your email, social media and website usernames and passwords, you want to make sure that they are kept secure. You also want to have a tool to bail you out when you have forgotten your log in information. The tool for this is ‘1Password.” With this app, you can protect your usernames and passwords and have easy and fast access to them. Once you store the passwords into the app, it will automatically fill in – when you need them. When you implement these suggestions and tips, it will give you time to focus on other important matters.

Effective Ways to Implement Social Media Automation

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If you don’t know what social media is, you are not living in the twenty-first century or you are just oblivious to it all. Social media has taken over the Internet and the lives of so many individuals. It has its good and its bad, but for the most part, it is good for those who want to use it to build solid business relationships and communicate with their existing and potential clients.

The Activities

As a business owner, you must have a marketing strategy or social media plan to expose your brand and company online. Yes, it may be time-consuming, but very helpful in the long run. From updating your status to responding to questions, sharing information and managing all the social media accounts, it can be quite a huge undertaking for one person. You may have to hire a social media specialist or outsource the service to a company if you want to free up time to do other things. What if you could automate the process instead of hiring a human being? Wouldn’t that be more cost effective and easier for you? Of course, it would. Below are several techniques of automating your social media activities for your business.

Apps and Software

When you can access apps and software that are specifically geared towards automation, you make it so much easier for your business. Even if your brand is title loans, you have the option of automation since this kind of business is well sought after.

Some of these automation tools include:

  •       Buffer
  •       HubSpot
  •       Hootsuite
  •       Social Flow
  •       Sprout Social
  •       Social Flow

Explore each of these to see their unique features, but typically, they will have the option to set up and schedule advance social media posts while monitoring your social media accounts as soon as a person makes a comment or mentions your company brand. If this is something new to you, it is best to use just one of these tools at a time, experimenting to see which one works for your brand. Buffer is one of the most popular, but most of them come with apps so you can stay current with what is going on in your social media accounts while you are on the go.

Time Savers

Social network automation works well with Hootsuite and will save you time. However, you can go to the next level with Zapier, which is a resource that allows you to implement systems, utilize apps and force websites to communicate. With Zapier, you can generate a ‘zap’ which will automate your new blog posts into your page on Facebook.

Blog Syncing

If you create a WordPress blog posts, you can have it seen by your social media followers and friends. How? Well, WordPress has multiple plugins that give you the option to share your posts by just clicking one button after you have created a post. It is then published to all your social media accounts. You will save a lot of time with this one automated technique.

How to Leverage Twitter for Your Business Promotion


When you have an online business, it is ideal to find ways to promote your business. Social media plays a key role in providing adequate promotion for any online business. Twitter is one such social media site that you can use to leverage your business promotion strategy. In fact, businesses of various sizes have flocked to Twitter for promotional reasons. What can Twitter do for your business?

The Followers

Well, Twitter allows you to send word out to your followers instantly about your service, new promotion, discounts, events, project and services. However, to be effective in your promotional strategies on this social media network, you have to know how to post so that the right people will follow you because only followers will be able to view your posts or tweets. How do you find followers or how do they find you?

Being Followed

First you need to know the rules of promoting on Twitter. These rules were set in place by Twitter. Never sell anything in your tweets. Instead, you should write conversational posts to your followers. It’s like standing in line at the water cooler waiting your turn and you get into a conversation with the person behind or before you. Another coworker may interject and before you know it, you have a full blown conversational topic with different options. How do you handle this? You give your opinion and wait to hear what others have to say. If they are interested in your opinion, you will get their attention. It is the same way with Twitter, especially when there is an interest in what you have to say.

Listen First

Remember, on this social media network, you will be interacting with strangers. So, it is imperative that you listen to what they have to say first. You will learn a lot from just listening and you will also know how to respond. Find out who these people are and understand what they are discussing before you jump in. Instead of pitching your product or service, respond by giving expert advice. Most people will then see you as an authority figure and will pay attention to your brand more keenly.

Being Helpful

In your tweets or posts, you must be helpful, offering something to people such as humor or information. Never forget to respond to other people’s posts, whether you are answering questions or making a comment. Most people will want to converse with you if you offer help. Your message will be more receptive.

Your Message

Usually, followers will know what you are tweeting about. For example, if your Twitter handle is “Freelance Writing,” for example, your followers must have already had an interest in that sort of thing or know exactly what to expect from your posts. However, not because your audience knows what you are all about should you go off on a rant, but careful advising and recommendations is the key to starting off on the right foot. Your message should be helpful and not confusing.

The Bottom Line

Like all social media platforms, Twitter works for you promotionally by how much quality you provide to followers; potential and existing.  As long as you are careful in following the rules, your promotional efforts will be rewarded.


3 Social Media Trends That Will Profit On In 2016

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The year 2016 arrived with a bang – full of new ideas and concepts that claim to change your life for good. As each year passes by, increasing number of modern services are developed as a result of the advancing technology. The human race is progressively growing at a very fast pace.


While the concept of digital marketing was established back in the 1990’s, the true potential of that method wasn’t discovered until very recently. Today, the situation of the market is so as that no company can even remotely achieve great success without the help of digital marketing. And what’s more? The strength of digital marketing will keep expanding.


One of the primary strategies that most digital marketing campaigns take on is the use of social media trends. Virtual domains activities such as blogging, social networking and SEO (search engine optimization) are some of the key features that are almost always present in the strategies of any company.


In the article below are some of the soon to be launched social trends that you can benefit from in the coming days:


Buy Button


What is it?


Several social networking platforms are planning on pushing their on – platform shopping initiative a step further by providing the users with the option of purchasing instantly. This will simplify their process furthermore.


Your advantage


You can use this to set a specific target audience and aim at pushing your products toward them easily.


Changing Privacy Policies


What is it?


With security concerns that keep rising every now and then as a result of the consistent breach and misuse of personal information taking place almost on a daily basis, social networks plan to solve this problem by effectively changing their privacy policies.


Your advantage


The truth is, social networking platforms will never truly restrict the sharing of their user base since they wish to keep both the groups of stakeholders happy. This not only enables their attempt of increasing their revenue, but also helps gain the consumer trust. You simply need to have enough patience for the tables to turn in your favor.


Live Action


What is it?


There are three components that comprise live action:

–      Device friendly applications

–      Electronic gadgets

–      Bandwidth


You will slowly observe an increasing trend of brands using live stream videos to offer its users the chance to explore their authenticity.


Your advantage


Not only can you use to develop a strong relationship with your customer on an interpersonal level, but you can also increase your chances of achieving success due to the undeniable fact that visuals always work better than text. Draw your potential customers in by going all out when it comes to being creative.


Network Consolidation


In 2016, you may also find some major consideration in the market like social networks promoting themselves like ‘Facebook for X’ or ‘Twitter for Y’ fail. Social networks will have to come up with a better hook than this if they really want to be in the operation by the end of this year. This is because 2016 will surely be carving a niche, and lagging behind all others competing in the social network world. No one knows so far who is going to take the lion’s share whether it is Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Google+  or more.


Pay to Play


2016 is also expected to be the year when the available trend of ‘pay to play’ on social networks will  be hitting home like never before. Businesses desirous to make the best and most use of the social power wave without making any investment in social media messaging would find themselves on the beach like the sets role in irrespective of the number of likes, fans, and followers they are having.


All above discussed trends – some of which though are extremely  new and enhancement of already available trends – are surely going to define the social map in the coming year. Though others may not be significantly impacting the social sphere, nevertheless, none is not going to play as important role in propelling the changes to the social arena to come as these five trends – the users have already started feeling the impacts, by the networks and by the business.


So, what are you waiting for? Start preparing yourself for what is to come. Don’t just adapt to the changes, but ensure that they work in your favor.

How Much Tech-Friendly Your Would-Be Leaders Of The Free World Are?

While problems arising due to terrorism, unstable financial structures, increasing displacement and immigration certainly hold grave importance and it is important to choose the right candidate who understands these issues perfectly, yet it is also essential for one to consider how well-versed your potential winner is in tech-related issues.


Since, the economy is slowly being seeped into an era of digitalization and young, creative minds belonging to the latest generation are actually the ones influencing the future of the market; considering this aspect is of utmost relevance.


Some of the prevailing tech – related issues that have surfaced within the past few years are:


– Net Neutrality And Free Speech

– Increasing Climate Change

– NSA Surveillance Policy

– Energy Depletion

– Copyright Issues


While Hillary Clinton is considered to be the type of lady who establishes her agenda well among the masses; her stance over these issues is somewhat unclear. She is most often seen making statements regarding the privacy that is almost always invaded by the imposed surveillance. She even pushed towards the Freedom Act as well as the Patriot Act. Her opinions have always been in favor of piracy. At the same time, she also gives immense importance to her free speech. She has shifted to being a proud supporter of TPP to opposing it completely. She believes that it has much to do with how much impact the former has on the labor market.


In addition, the lady also promised that on being elected as president of the United States she would take the country on a path where it can generate abundant renewable energy and give power to country every home in the country by 2027.

Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, voted against the USA Freedom Act and Patriot Act because he believes that the government should be warranted with the right to collect information for the public good. Like Clinton, he also believes strongly in net neutrality. However, when it comes to issues such as climate change and depletion of energy, there isn’t a lot that he has contributed toward except for proposing the institution of new emission taxes and a few nature-friendly endorsements.


Donald Trump is a man of few words when it comes to international political issues, but firmly believes that the NSA should be given the right to conduct appropriate surveillances for the common good. He is against net neutrality and through a trail of his tweets has indicated that he is in favor of the Fairness Doctrine. Surprisingly, he is the only candidate who seems to be denying the existence of the prevailing climate change problems.
Making scientific advancements for the good of humankind is something that every potential candidate should undertake as a form of ‘goals to be achieved’ and they certainly are, especially by making some sort of reference or another; thereby, indicating their constant involvement with the same.

Whatsapp Messenger Decides to Offer Free Service



If you haven’t heard about WhatsApp nor have ever used the service before, you must live on another planet. This messaging service has shown a lot of popularity over the most recent years. You get to sign up for the app, download it and begin sending messages to other Whatsapp users on your contact list. In the past, you were allowed to use the app for a year and then it would turn into a yearly fee.

The Announcement

However, since recently, the founder, Jan Koum announced that the $0.99 yearly charge would be suspended and no longer in effect for the service provided. Instead, Whatsapp users would be able to use the service for lifetime – free of charge. This announcement is supposed to make users very happy because of the convenience of the app and the level of usability that it offers.

Lifetime Freeness

The announcement was made from the company’s blog post. The founder accepted the fact that the company had grown and developed into a phenomenon that users have come to appreciate. It shows by the number of users who have downloaded the app. The founder confessed that the paid approach is not working out well since many of the users don’t own a credit card or debit card. For that reason, the company is concerned that there would be a loss of access to users after the first year of use.

Removing Fees

Therefore, for that reason, the founder has decided to remove the fees from various app versions and in addition, Whatsapp service will be free of charge. Facebook is the owner of Whatsapp at the moment and uses the data as well as ads shown on the app to make money. However, it might not go well, if the message app makes a decision to do the same thing – use data and make money with ads.

The Facebook Purchase

Facebook purchased the Whatsapp messaging service in 2014 and paid $19 billion for it, with the intention of experimenting to find new methods of making money and this would include the potential of charging companies such as airlines and banking institutions a specific amount to make direct contact with Whatsapp users.

Experiments Conducted

Jan Koum, founder of Whataspp messaging service indicated that he and his team were still conducting experiments on how this kind of service would work since a lot of other companies were doing the same thing – using messaging to link with customers who were mobile savvy. This was already taking place in other developing countries.

Messaging Prototype

The same messaging prototype was being used to send text messages and make phone calls to potential consumers. Therefore, Koum plans to do a test on the latest tools available to see the easiest form of contact with customers on Whatsapp. With his plan to use Whatsapp as a tool allowing companies to make contact with users, Koum is going to compete heavily with the Facebook Messenger, which is a separate messaging service entity.

Facebook will also have to compete with Uber’s messaging app, which provides services to riders who want to book taxi service. It is certainly a whole set of dynamics involved and someone is not going to be happy. We will see how it plays out.

Tricks You Never Knew You Were Missing on Facebook

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If your twelve-year-old cousin has a Facebook, surely you know how to use it properly. OR DO YOU? Here are some handy tricks that you might not have known were a thing:


Disable “Seen” Receipts


Those pesky “seen” receipts that alert the other person that you’ve read their Facebook Message can make for an intensely awkward situation. Now you feel obligated to reply immediately, and it builds up a weirdly tense atmosphere just waiting around for the other person to respond once you’ve seen that they’ve seen that message. It’s exhausting. Thank the social media gods that you can turn it off.


You can install Chat Undetected for Firefox or Internet Explorer users (although hopefully you’re not using Internet Explorer for your sake) and Facebook Unseen for Chrome users.


Find That Post You’ve Been Searching Through Your Timeline For


You know that one thing that that one friend shared on your Facebook Wall that one time? You don’t actually have to scroll through months or years of your Facebook history in order to find when they shared that with you.


You can just go to the Search bar at the top, type in that friend’s name and a keyword for that post. Facebook will do the searching for you. So now you can find that video of the cat jumping badly that you were oh-so-desperate to revisit.


Customize Who Sees Your Statuses


You’re cool with your Facebook-addicted Grandma commenting on most of your statuses. But maybe just not the one about how wasted you got this weekend.


You can change the privacy settings for individual status updates, or you can make it a default fix, if you prefer. Click on the small blue dropdown button below your status that says something like Public or Friends. You can change it so that only a certain group of people can see that post, everyone in the world who has a Facebook account, or only the people who are your Friends on Facebook.


The best part of that feature is that you can select Custom and handpick the people that you don’t want to see that post. So if you’re updating your status about how much your boss sucks (which is ill-advised in the first place) at least make sure that your boss/coworkers can’t see it and tattle on you.


Stop the Autoplay Nightmare


Ever been scrolling through your Facebook Feed and a thousand videos start autoplay with your volume on full blast? Bonus points if you were at work. Double bonus points if the video sounded super embarrassing or inappropriate. Triple bonus points if there are multiple videos screaming at you at once and you can’t find where they’re coming from on the Feed.


Go into your Settings, and select “Videos and Photos.” Click on “Autoplay” and turn the “Smart Auto-play” to Off. You can also opt when and where you allow autoplay, if you prefer. Autoplay sucks up tons of cellular data as well as battery life, so just turn that stupid thing off.


Why Facebook Hoax was believed by So Many People?

girl sitting on a wooden floor laptop coffee cup and notebook

In the most recent months, there was a post going around on Facebook that had everyone in somewhat of a disbelief, but still not sure. If you are a member of Facebook, you probably have seen the post. It claimed that the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg was offering users $4.5 million. The post went viral in no time. It got to the news media and so NBC was the first to comment that it was just a prank.

Fake Post

There were people, even after NBC News made the announcement of this post being fake, that kept sharing it online. So, it continued to go viral. The rumor continued to spread as it seemed that there were still people that believe it to be true, even though, it was announced on television news that it was a fake post. The Internet is a platform for these types of scams, hoaxes and fraudulent activities. For that reason, you have to be careful what you read, what you share and what you believe.

The Circulation

The post circulated like wildfire and so Zuckerberg may have seen it himself. The wealthy Facebook owner was supposedly throwing some of his millions away to his normal Facebook subscribers. Some would ask for what reason. Why would a wealthy man like Zuckerger be parting with millions? Is it because of kindness of heart or is it because he just wants to part ways with his money? Where did this rumor come from?

The Rumor

This particular rumor comes from the fact that Zuckerber and Priscilla Chan, his wife announced that they planned to give $45 billion in stocks to their Limited Liability Company (LLC). $45 billion is a long stretch from $4.5 million. Who came up with that figure and for what reason? Zuckerberg and his wife had planned on giving away the $45 billion in stocks on behalf of their new daughter in the interest of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.

Facebook Members

All Facebook members were not going to be part of this deal. The post indicated that only 1,000 users would benefit. However, the users had to copy and paste the same message and share it with up to 10 friends by tagging them. Of course, there was not apparent risk if you were to share the post. However, it is misleading and prone to fraud. Some people will take the small effort to copy and paste while some will not. Of course, money is the motivating factor – the promise of $4.5 million is something that anyone would want to look forward to.

The Reposting

Moreover, many people took a chance to repost it because there is absolutely nothing to lose or any consequences associated with it, expect for looking dumb when the truth comes out. No one is getting any money from Facebook giant, Zuckerberg. So, many people wasted their time in copying and pasting.

Non-Profit organization

The same rumor became attached to another story that involved Zuckerberg and his wife. The two moguls had promised to give away most of their shares on Facebook (99% to be exact). XThose shares are worth $45 billion and will go to the non-profit organization that the couple formed – Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.


Without research the truth in the rumor, many users continued to spread the rumor, giving a domino effect. It is not like you would get in trouble for sharing. It really seemed to be harmless to an extent.